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Consider a Medical Gap Year, with Dr. Louis Kuchnir and Vanessa Cedarbaum '15

Episode Summary

This is a very special episode with two guests: Dr. Louis Kuchnir, dermatologist at Kuchnir Dertmatology, and Vanessa Cedarbaum, a 2015 University of Rochester alum with a BS in Microbiology. Take a listen to hear Dr. Kuchnir share what he looks for in a successful gap year applicant and what students can gain from a gap year. You'll also hear a student perspective from Vanessa who took a gap year at Kuchnir Dermatology after completing her undergraduate degree. She shares what motivated her to apply and how it prepared her for medical school as a current third year medical school student at Rutgers University. She also shares the wonderful relationships she made and skills she learned. To learn more about the Kuchnir Dermatology Gap Year Program, visit: